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Meetha Cheela is sweet pancake recipe which made from whole wheat flour . 

you can make it instantly & its like instant sweet Dosa . 
You can served it as a breakfast or evening snacks . 

It’s goes perfect with any cream , Rice Kheer or even mango pickle. 

It’s instant, quick , beautiful, yummy & soft. 

Recipe :- 


1 cup whole wheat flour 

1/2 cup sugar ( Adjust quantity as per your taste )

1/8 tsp cardamom powder 

Ghee for frying ( for best result use clarified butter (ghee) ) 

Water for making pouring batter 
Method :- 

⚫️Dissolve sugar in hot water & Allow it to cool. ( I used brown sugar… You can also use jaggery or Gur ) 

⚫Take big bowl & Add strained sugar syrup, whole wheat flour , cardamom powder & make a smooth & lump free batter. It should be like pouring consistency. 

⚫️Heat a nonstick tava or griddle and pour some ghee & few drops of water on it & spread all over with any kitchen paper Or any cloth For greasing Tawa. 

⚫️Pour a ladle full of the batter on the Tawa in the centre and spread it using circular motions like we spread Dosa ….use the back of the ladle to do this. Spread the cheela gently, as sweet cheela is a little more difficult to spread than savoury ones.

⚫️Add few ghee again on cheela . 

⚫️Flip it with a flat spatula and let it cook from the other side.

⚫️Serve hot with any cream or anything or you can also relish it without anything.

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