My 5min Fruity Sandwich….  It’s an awesome idea to Use fruits as sandwich filling . 


2 min in Chopping😜

2 min in Assembling 😜

1 min for clicking & serving 😜

It’s Super tasty, super easy & healthy & very quick recipe . 

Fruits are very good source of vitamins. 

What will happen, when we combine sandwich & fruit 😉

Tadaaaaa… 💃💃💃

It will become super tasty& gorgeous Fruit Sandwich.

You can use any fruit that your kid loves .

This sandwich is also loved by all age group. 

I have added all pics while making!!

So enjoy Pictorial Recipe!


Pictorial Recipe :-


8 Bread Slice ( soft & fresh )

1/2 cup chopped strawberry 

1/2 cup chopped kiwi

1/2 cup chopped oranges 

8-10 tbsp whipped cream 

You can use any cheese also but it totally optional .

Method :

⚫️Cut all the fruits .

⚫️ Take bread Slices & cut their edges !
⚫️Spread whipped cream on bread slices.
⚫️Place fruits on bread & cover with the other one . 
⚫️Cut into pieces!
All done !! 

Pictorial Recipe :-

Chop some strawberry!


Chop some kiwi !


Chop some oranges !

You can Add any fruits off your choice or availability like Apple, Grapefruit etc.


Take bread slices & cut their edges .

Spread some sweet cream . I used store bought Whipped Cream . 


Place all the fruits on Bread like this ….


Place all the fruits & cover with another one & cut into pieces.


Now it’s ready to serve . 

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All done … Enjoy !!