Thanda Thanda Cool Cool !! 
Super Healthy ..wholesome Milkshake 😊

The Shake ,which you can make in just 5 min 😍😍😍 if you don’t have enough time to make proper breakfast !

But don’t Skip your breakfast !!

It’s super easy , beautiful, healthy & super yummy !! 

There is no chocolate but gives you Chocolate flavor😜

Choco syrup only used for Garnishing 😊

Wholesome Cornflakes Milkshake Recipe:-

Ingredients :-

2 cups Milk ( I used cold ) 

Bournvita 1 1/2 tbsp (to taste) or you can add coffee powder , if you are not bournvita person πŸ˜‰

3 tbsp Choco corn flakes 

3tbspYellow corn flakes 

honey (you can use powdered sugar also ) to taste 

Choco Syrup for Garnishing 

Method :-

  • In blender add all the ingredients except choco syrup if you want to add choco syrup too .. You can !! 
  • I used  only in garnishing 
  • Just blend until smooth.
  • pour in Glass & add some corn flex for garnish 😊
  • Add some Choco Syrup for Garnishing!

All done ..enjoy this chilled Wholesome milkshake . 

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