Hot & Spicy Cheese Chilli Garlic Bread .. In my style , which you can make in no time😜
Crispy ✔️yes 

Crunchy ✔️ yes 

Very Quiick to make ✔️yes 

Colorful & beautiful ✔️ yes 

Super Yummy ✔️ oh yes yes !!

There are many ways of making Garlic bread .. This is my version 😜

Quick fix for your hunger pangs!!

Enjoy Pictorial recipe !

Pictorial Recipe :-


We need fresh and soft bread slices & Cream cheese.I have shown in pic ..

Little toast your bread in toaster or even you can toast it on hot Tawa…

Then spread generous amount of cream cheese .


Now sprinkle black pepper powder & red pepper powder & garlic powder ( or even you can add red chilly flakes.. I ran out of it )


Now ,sprinkle Oregano! 


Now ,sprinkle parsley … I used dried one .. You can also add fresh one !


Add any hot sauce of your choice !! 

I used my favorite Sriracha …with extra garlic flavor !


Now , add any green chilly sauce of your choice … Again I used Sriracha !


At last add fried Garlic Granules !! 


Now again toast it in toaster for some time or you are making on Tawa … Then again toast it until crisp !!

Tadaaaaaa…. 💃💃💃

Now it’s All done … Enjoy !!

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