Holi Special!!A Festival without sweets is impossible in INDIA

Gujiyas is very compulsory sweet at my place for Holi celebration.

This Gujiya will definitely increase the joy& happiness of this colorful fest.

There is no Khoya or Mawa used in these Gujiyas . 


Beautiful looking

Easy peasy 

Mawa free

Hassle free 

Super yummy 

Recipe :-

Ingredients for Gujiya Cover :-
2 cups Plain Flour ( Maida)

1/2 cup melted ghee 

Luke warm water as required for kneading semi soft dough 

Oil for frying 

Ingredients for filling :-

Cashew nuts – fistful

Almonds – fistful 

Pistachios- 3 tbsp 

Grated coconut- 4 tbsp or to taste 

Powdered sugar – 3/4 cup or as per taste 

Cardamom powder – 1 tbsp

Melted ghee -4tbsp 

Method :-
Firstly we will make dough . 

  • In a big bowl add plain flour , melted ghee & Rub with your palm & fingers. 
  • Add enough Luke warm water to make pliable yet semi soft dough.
  • Continuous rub this dough for 4-5 min.
  • Now ,Divide the dough & make small balls . Keep aside for 1 hour & it should be fully covered with damp cloth.
  • Stuffing is very easy to make ..just coarsely grinned dry fruits like Almonds, cashews , pistachio after grinding Add powdered sugar & cardamom powder.
  • At last add little melted Ghee. It’s optional.That’s it…filling is ready.
  • Now, roll each ball with the rolling pin into a thin puri.
  • Spread a tbsp of the filling which we have already prepared on one half of rolled out puri.
  • Now, wet your finger and run it on the edges & fold over to the opposite end.
  • Enclose the stuffing to form a semi circle shaped Gujiya.
  • Press the ends very firmly so that the filling doesn’t come out while deep frying & use a fork to seal the edges or you can twist the edges around the Gujiya like patterned shaped.

Make All Gujiyas & it should be fully covered with dry cloth ( little thick )until frying.

  • Now heat Sufficient amount of oil in wide vessel or kadai over medium heat.
  • Now , slowly drop 2-3 Gujiyas into the oil & deep fry them over medium heat till golden brown from both the sides &remove Gujiyas to a plate.
  • Let them Cool completely.

Gujiyas can be stored for 2-3 weeks in air tight containers. 

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