During Navratri or any fast … It’s always nice to have some Shake or smoothie !!

It’s perfect for fasting & super healthy !!

Fruit based Milk Shakes are always favorite of my Hubby.

It’s a good to have proteins as well as vitamins while fasting , that too if they are super easy & quick.

Actually I don’t like much Apple Shake .. So that’s why today I added two secret ingredients.

After adding secret ingredients the Shake became super yummy seriously !

I am sure .. You gonna love this one!

Highlights :-
Super yummy 

Super healthy 

Creamy & Rich in taste 

Power booster 


Beautiful looking 


Recipe :-

Ingredients :-

2 cup Peeled & chopped Apple

4 cup chilled milk 

2-3 tbsp honey or sugar 

My secret ingredients 😜😜

1 tbsp Rose Water 

1.5 tbsp Rose Syrup 

Method :-

In a blender add chopped Apple .

Add sugar or honey.

Add chilled milk . 

Add Rose water & Rose Syrup .

Blend Throughly for 1-2 minute . 

Now just pour in Glass & enjoy !!
You can garnish your Drink with Apple Piece .

All done … Enjoy !!

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