Today’s Falahaar 💚

It’s my all time favorite ..This dish specially made during Fasting or Vrat but this is good breakfast option too!
I can have this anytime !!

There is 2-3 ways of making Sabudana Khichdi . Which I have learnt from my Mom & Sis.

It’s almost loved by all. 


Highlight :-

Super yummy 

Healthy & Filling 

Gorgeous looking 


Easy peasy 

Soul Satisfying 


Sabudana Khichdi Recipe :-

2 cup Soaked sabudana (tapioca),

2-3 potatoes boiled & cut in to small pieces

1 tbsp black pepper powder or to taste 

1 tsp roasted cumin powder 

1/2 tbsp sugar powder (optional)

1/2 cup Roasted or fried Crushed peanut

1 medium size Chopped tomato ( Optional)

4-5 Chopped green chilies, 

Fasting salt to taste, 

2-4 tbsp melted ghee

1 tbsp cumin seeds,

Chopped coriander leaves 

Method :-

Firstly we will soak Sabudana for minimum 5 hours or you can soak it overnight ; if you want to make it in breakfast.

Now question is, how to soak perfectly?

In a big bowl add sabudana & add water , wash very well with the help of your hand.

Drain water ,again add some water & wash again & drain.

This is the my way of soaking sabudana.

Now we will soak sabudana,

Add water in sabudana…..water should be 1/2’inch (half inch )above sabudana layer .

You don’t need to drain after this !

Cover it & keep aside!

For 2 cups of soaked sabudana . wash 1 cup of raw sabudana.

After soaking it will be almost double in quantity.

(Depending on the quality, sometimes it needs to be soaked overnight )

Heat oil or ghee in a nonstick pan or normal Kadhai .

Add cumin seeds after Crackling add potato pieces and green chilies.

& fry.

Add fasting salt ,black pepper & cumin powder.

Fry again until it’s become light golden in color.

Now add sabudana ( separately add fasting salt in sabudana & mix well ) and stir on low flame.

Don’t Cover the lid … Cook for 4-5 minutes over low heat .

Again Stir !

Now add chopped tomatoes & you can add red chilly powder too but today I avoid.

Again stir … 

Let it cook for 2 min … Then add crushed peanut and little sugar powder ( optional ).

Again stir for 2 min … Now turn off flame …. & add coriander leaves for Garnishing 😊

Your Simple Sabudana Khichdi is ready to serve …. Serve hot !!! 

All Done … Enjoy !
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