It’s Super Sandwich ;Super Easy Yet Super tasty & Full of Flavors with Basic Ingredients!

It’s my All time favorite !!

It’s No cheese & No Butter recipe! 

If you are sandwich lover & you don’t have much time to prepare your breakfast , lunch or Dinner ,No can make this super crispy & crunchy sandwich in Jiffy.

But yes if you have boiled potatoes in your fridge. 

This is the super simple & best sandwich. 


Highlight :-

Easy peasy 

Super yummy 

Healthy & Filling 

No cheese 

No butter 

Gorgeous looking 

Super Crispy 

Super Crunchy 

Quick to make 

Soul satisfying 

Spicy & tangy 


Let’s Start Step by Step Recipe:-

1. In a big bowl add some boiled & mashed potatoes.


2. Add Chooped Onions. 


3. Add Chooped Bell pepper ( Capsicum ).


4. Add Salt as per taste.


5. Add red chilly powder according to your heat tolerance.

6. Add dry Mango Powder for tanginess as per taste .


7. Add roasted cumin powder. 


8. Add Mint Coriander Chutney .


9. Add Chooped Coriander leaves. 


10. Mix well … Now your stuffing is ready. 


11. Take bread slices of your choice.No need to spread any butter or anything but still you want  !

Go ahead !


12. Put sufficient amount of stuffing & spread evenly.


13. Cover with another bread slice & brush up your sandwich with little oil. 


14. Now place this sandwich in Griller or you can toast this on hot griddle from both the sides. Choice is all yours. 

Now it’s ready to serve …


15. Cut in to pieces & enjoy with cuppa coffee .


Recipe :-

Ingredients :-
3 mid size boiled potatoes 

1 mid size Chooped onion 

3 bell peppers 

1 tbsp red chilly powder or as per heat tolerance 

1 tsp dry mango powder 

1 tsp roasted cumin powder 

1 tbsp mint coriander chutney 

2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves 

Salt as per taste 

4 bread slices 

Oil for brushing 

Method :-

In a big bowl Add some boiled & mashed potatoes .

Add some Chooped onion.

Add some chopped Bell pepper.

Add salt as per taste .

Add red chilly powder , dry mango powder & cumin powder.

Now add mint coriander chutney.

At last add Chooped coriander leaves . 

Mix well … Now your stuffing is ready to be filled .

Take bread slices of your choice then put good amount of stuffing & spread evenly . 

Cover with the another bread slices & brush up with little oil . 

Now place these sandwiches in Griller & grill it . 

Or you can toast it from both the sides on hot tawa (Griddle).

At last cut into pieces & serve !!

Serve hot !

All done … Enjoy !

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