It’s a humid time here in Japan & this awesome Mocktail is very refreshing & soothing !!

It’s super healthy & super yummy Drink.

Which you can make very quick .

It’s perfect to beat the heat .

Highlights :-

Easy peasy

Super healthy

Super yummy




Power booster


Quick to make

Fruity Mocktail recipe:-

Ingredients :-

1.5 cup Chopped orange

1/2 cup Grapefruit

1 cup Papaya juice

1 cup coconut water ( optional )
( if you don’t have coconut water .. No need to worry , just add 1/2cup normal water or Sparkling water /Soda water )
Sugar or honey ( optional) to taste

Handful Ice cubes

Method :-

In blender Add orange, Pieces of grapefruit & papaya juice with coconut water & ice cubes .

Blend Throughly .

For smooth texture …. You can strain with the help of strainer!

You can also add some sugar or honey!

I didn’t add !

That’s it!

Just pour into glass & add ice cubes!

I used minty Ice cubes for garnishing.

Now you can Sip 😉


( I generally prefer to add Coconut water in my refreshing drink , instead of Soda water / Sparkling water because it’s quite healthy …

But yes you can also add this Sparkling water to make your Drink Exotic 😉

If you are adding Soda water / Sparkling water .. Be careful !!
Don’t add this water in Blender .
Pour this water in glass then add fruity liquid mixture & mix well with the help of spoon )

All done… Enjoy !

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