There are so many ways of making your Paratha crispy & flaky ! 

I will share all method one by one !

It’s very easy peasy & goes perfect with any curry. 

This Paratha just melt in the mouth. 

Highlights :-

Easy peasy 

Mouth melting 

Beautiful looking 



Quick to make 

Super yummy 

Crispy & Flaky Paratha recipe:-

Ingredients :-

For Dough :-

300 gram All Purpose Flour ( maida)

200 gram wheat flour 

2 tbsp oil 

300 ml warm milk 

1 tbsp sugar

Salt to taste 

Oil for frying 

( if you wish , you can use only 500gram APF )

For paste :-

4 tbsp maida 

4tbsp oil 

Method :-
In a big Mixing bowl add all & make a soft dough ,cover with damp cloth & let it rest for 4-5 hours !

Now we will make paste .. In a bowl add maida & oil and make smooth & lump free paste !

Keep aside.

After 4-5 hours , divide dough in equal balls ! 

Now again let it rest these dough balls for 15 min & cover with damp cloth.

Now take one dough ball & make very thin chapati or roti. Now apply Maida oil paste over the roti & spread evenly. 

Now with the help of knife , cut stripes on thin Roti & put all the stripes together & curl it & make a simple round ball.

( just take one stripe & place second over the first one… Now did the same with all stripes … & at last ! Give a twist & make dough ball )

Now place this ball in plate & apply some oil on this dough ball ( after making all balls , we will apply some oil on top of these balls )

Make rest of the dough ball like this way. Now again we will cover all the dough balls with the same damp cloth & let it rest minimum 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes or 1 hour take dough ball & make little thick round Paratha.

Heat the griddle ( tawa ) then place this Paratha over griddle & fry from both the side by applying oil until it become golden in color. 

Now again make 4-5 Parathas & make stack of these Parathas & crush them slightly with your both hands vigorously until flakes separates.

Serve hot with any curry.

This flaky Paratha goes perfect with any curry . 

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