It’s simple , super yummy , tasty & healthy !!Loaded with veggies !! 

Isn’t it very colorful 💚❤️💛

We all love to have

One Pot Meal … Because it’s easy peasy & quick to make and You can relish this either in your lunch or Dinner !! It’s very soul satisfying .

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Super yummy 


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Soul satisfying 

Quick to make 


Chinese Style Veggie Fried Rice recipe:-
Ingredients :-

4 cup Cooked rice 

3-4 big size Sliced onions 

1 tbsp chopped Ginger 

3-4 tbsp chopped garlic 

2-3 tbsp olive oil / cooking oil 

5 Bell pepper ( I used red, green & yellow)

2 cup grated Carrot 

2 cup chopped Cabbage 

1/4 cup chopped Lettuce 

2 tsp Black pepper or to taste 

1 tbsp Red chilly powder( optional)

3 tbsp Tomato sauce 

1 tbsp Soya sauce 

2 tbsp Green Chili sauce 

Vinegar few drops 

Salt to taste 

Chopped spring onion for garnish 

Method :-

In a Wok Add some olive oil then add sliced onion & Ginger garlic ( little more). Sauté for some time.

Add shredded carrot,bell pepper, lettuce ,cabbage,and any veggies of your choice .. tossed these veggies with black peeper & salt.

I added red chilly powder also red chilly powder is totally optional .

Add cooked rice.Give it a stir for some time. 

Mix well !!

add soya sauce, tomato sauce , green chilly sauce & few drops of vinegar and tossed again.

you can garnish with spring onion . 
Your Chinese style veg fried rice is ready to serve .
All done .. Enjoy😊
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