Pap para paa paa raa raa

Pap para paa paa raa raa !!!

Ho shuru har din aise

Ho shuru har pal aise

Nescafe nescafe ☕️☕️☕️

Coffee is world’s favorite Beverage. 

If you are meeting with your friends over a casual Conversation.

What you need .. Yessss Coffee !!

If you are reading your favorite book.
What you need ….yessss Coffee !!

If you want to be relax after tiring Day.
What you need …. Yessss Coffee !!

If you want to enjoy Rainy Weather.

What you need …. Yes Coffee !!

So there are so many reasons to have Coofee .

It’s rich , creamy & very soothing !!

Highlight :-


Rich in taste 


Quick to make 

Gorgeous looking 



Hot Frothy Coffee Recipe :-


2tsp Coffee powder 

2 cup super hot Milk

2 tbsp powdered Sugar( I generally used Brown sugar) or to taste 


Take coffee powder & grinded sugar in a cup. If you are not going to use grinded sugar, may be it will impact on your result.

Now what to do ..add drop by drop hot milk in to cup & start beating with spoon in one direction.

Beat again & again by adding drops of hot milk .. Now you will see coffee start changing color.

After some time continuous beating you will see the fluffy, light & increased volume of mixture.

After getting light brown color & Almost double or triple of quantity.

Now your mixture is ready to use.

Divide in mugs & pour hot milk from some height …U will get a yummy frothy coffee!!

Stir & enjoy your piping hot Coffee !!

Note :-

1⃣your coffee & sugar mixture should not be watery or runny in consistency .

2⃣Always beat in one direction !
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All done


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