Raksha Bandhan Special !!
Happy Raksha Bandhan to all the Brothers & Sisters.

Raksha Bandhan signifies Sibling care and love & like our all festivals sweets & desserts is must to celebrate any festival in India.
Any of our festival doesn’t complete without sweets 😍

So first time ever .. I tried my hand on Chocolate Barfi.
I completely follow my instinct while making Barfi 😊

& the result was very good & satisfying.

It’s really soul satisfying.
Awesome texture I got.

If you love little chewy stuff in sweets that too in chocolate.
I am sure , you gonna love this!

Highlight :-

Soul satisfying 

Awesome texture 

Gorgeous looking

Little chewy 

Little grainy 

Super yummy 

Let’s start Step by Step Recipe !!

First step :-

In a Heavy bottomed pan add milk over high heat….until it start boiling ! 

Second step :-

After boiling .. Set flame on medium heat & keep checking time to time & stir very well !

After some time ,Milk will start to get thicken . 

It will take time to get this consistency …which I have shown in below pic !!

( I didn’t add anything like mawa etc. )

Third Step :-

Again stir for some time … To get right consistency !

We want the consistency of milk like little thick than Rabri . 

As I am showing in pic …

This is the right consistency !

Fourth step:-

Add grated paneer & ghee and sugar  to the mixture & mix very well !

Now your flame should be very low !

Fifth Step :-

Add Cocoa Powder & mix very well !

Sixth Step :-

Keep stirring continuously until you get the desired consistency .

It should be like this .

Seventh Step :-

Pour this mixture on greased plate & topped with chopped Dry Fruits &little press with the help of spoon .

Recipe :-

Ingredients :-

1 liter full cream milk 

1/2 cup fresh , soft Grated paneer ( cottage cheese )

1/2 cup powdered sugar or to taste 

2 tbsp ghee 

1.5 tbsp cocoa Powder or to taste 

Chopped DryFruits ( I used cashew & pistachios )

Ghee for greasing plate 


Method :-

Firstly wet your heavy bottomed pan…. My Mumma said when we wet our pan or pot before boiling milk Because of this milk doesn’t burn from the bottom !!

Now Wet your pan then add 1liter milk & turn on gas on high flame until It start to boil .

Then after boiling , set flame on medium ;keep stirring time to time so that milk doesn’t stick to the bottom.

This process will take some time .. When you get the very thick consistency like Rabri ( little more thick than Rabri) Around 1 cup.

Now add grated Paneer to the pan .

Now your gas flame should be very low & add ghee to the mixture 
Stir for some time & mix together .
Add sugar …Continuously stir !

Now add Cocoa Powder & again continuously stir until Cocoa powder mix very well with the mixture !

Again stir for some time until you reach the Barfi Consistency !!

Take some mixture on plate & let it cool for sometime .. Then check if you get the desired consistency!

While checking on plate , you don’t need to turn off gas but your flame should be very low.

Now pour this mixture on greased plate evenly.

Evenly Spread chopped DryFruits & little pressed with the help of spoon so that DryFruits stick to the Barfi .

Now let it cool for some time around 1 hour & cut into pieces !!

If still you find your plate is not getting Barfi consistency !!

No need to worry .. Place your plate in Fridge for 1/2 or 1 hour !!

Now cut into pieces & relish !!

All done 

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