As it’s name says .. It’s Hara Bhara means Full of Greenery.

Sandwiches are almost everyday affair at my place . I am very fond of sandwiches & my hubby too.

So I always try to make different & innovative !!

Its perfect for your breakfast or as a Evening Snack .

I just love this sandwich !!


Highlight :-

Easy Peasy 

Super healthy 

Gorgeous looking 

Super yummy 

Mouth melting 

 Recipe :-

Ingredients :-

For 2 Sandwiches 

4 Bread Slices 

2 Lettuce leaves 

4-5 Spinach leaves 

1/4 cup Chopped cabbage 

1/4 cup Grated carrot 

4 tbsp boiled Corn kernels 

4 thinly Onion slice 

4 thinly tomato slice 

1/4 tsp Black pepper powder

1/4 tsp Chaat Masala powder

2 tbsp Mint or any Green Chutney 

2 tbsp tomato ketchup 

2 Cheese slice ( optional)

Butter or oil for brushing 

Salt to taste 

Method :-

Take bread slices & spread some tomato ketchup !!

Spread some mint or any chutney.

Then place some lettuce, spinach , chopped cabbage , grated carrot , onion slices , tomato slices & boiled corn kernel ( I used canned one )

Sprinkle some black pepper powder, Chaat masala & some salt !!!

You can also add cheese slice but it’s totally optional !!

Now you can Grill it or toast on griddle( tawa) By applying some butter or oil .
Or even you can have this as a soft sandwich without any grilling or toasting !!

All Done 

(You can adjust anything according to your taste )

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