For me sandwich is always a good option for Breakie !! It’s sprout sandwich is fully healthy & loaded with veggies . 

If you are sandwich lover … You would definitely love it .


Highlight :-

Super tasty

Crispy & Crunchy 

Beautiful looking

Energy booster 

Filling & Healthy 

Easy peasy 

Veggie Sprout Grilled Sandwich Recipe :-
Ingredients :-
For 2 sandwiches 

4 Bread slices 

2-3 tbspTomato ketchup 

2-3 tbsp Mint or any Green Chutney 

1cup Sprouts ( whole Moong & Moth)

1/4 cup Chopped onion

4 thinly Slice of tomatoes 

4 tbsp Chopped bell pepper 

1/4 cup Grated Carrot 

Salad leaf or lettuce 

2tbsp Chopped green Chillies 

4-5 tbsp Chopped Cabbage 

2 Cheese slice or shredded cheese( optional)

1tsp Black pepper powder

1 tbsp Chaat Masala

Black salt to taste 

1/2 tsp Lemon Zest 

Butter/ oil for brushing 


Method :-

Take some bread Slices … ( I used multi cereal bread)

Spread some mint or any green chutney along with tomato ketchup.

In a big bowl add some sprouts.

Add chopped onion , bell pepper , grated carrot , green chillies , cabbage .

Add black salt , black pepper ,Chaat Masala ,lemon zest.

Mix well …

Now stuffing is ready … 

Take a bread place lettuce leaves on top of bread …Then put some thinly sliced tomatoes …After that put some stuffing then again if prefer you can add lettuce .
you can also add shredded cheese or any cheese slice this is completely optional .. !!

Then cover with another bread.

Brush up with some oil or melted ghee .. Which you like!!

Cover with other bread then put your sandwich in any griller or you can toast it on hot tawa ..!!

Now your simple veggie sprout grilled sandwich is ready !!

Serve hot with ketchup !!

All Done !

Enjoy !

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