My Sandwich Stack !!It’s so soft & mouth melting without any cheese 😜 

Sandwich is always very good option for breakfast or any time of the day & I am very fond of sandwiches 😍

You would love this .. If you love soft sandwich !!

Highlight :-
Easy Peasy 

Very quick 

Mouth melting 

Soft & soothing 

Beautiful looking 

Super heathy 

Super tasty 

Soft Sandwiches recipe :-
Ingredients :-

1cup Greek Yogurt / Hung Curd / mayonnaise 

1/2 cup boiled sweet corn 

Thin Tomato Slices 

Shredded Cabbage 

Sliced cucumber 

Lettuce or any Salad leaf 

( you can add any veggie of your choice )

Black pepper 

Chaat masala ( optional )

Salt to taste 
Method :-
In a big bowl add some Greek yogurt or hung Curd or even mayonnaise ( I used Greek yogurt)!!

Add some salt , black or white peeper & Chaat Masala !!

if you are using mayonnaise no need to add anything.

Add some boiled sweet corn .. I used canned one!!

Mix well …

Take some soft sandwiches bread …

If you are using normal bread .. Then cut their edges!!

Spread some corn mixture & any Salad Leaf or Lettuce & shredded cabbage .

cover with another bread !

Now take another bread again spread this mixture & put sliced tomato & cucumber !! Cover with another bread ..!!

Cut in to pieces ..

Your soft mouth melting sandwiches are ready to gobble😜

All done 


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