Sandwiches are always very good option for breakfast . It’s my all time favorite. I can have any time of day Because I am very fond of sandwiches 😍

If you are sandwich lover … I am sure would love this!! 

It’s heavenly !!

Highlight :-
Easy peasy cheesy 

Crispy & Crunchy 

Mouth melting 

Super yummy 


Beautiful looking  

Multilayer Sandwich Recipe!!
Ingredients :-

For 2-3 sandwiches 

2 boiled & mashed potatoes

1/2 cup fresh yogurt

2-3 tbsp finely Chopped onion

2tbsp chopped bell pepper

2-3 tbsp finely chopped carrot 

2 tsp Black pepper powder 

1/4 tsp red chilly powder 

Sandwich bread (I used very soft , fresh & thin Bread Slices )

2 Cheese slices 

2tbsp Salted butter 

2 tbsp Tomato Chilly sauce 

Salt to taste

Chopped coriander ( I used dried one)
Method :-

Firstly we will make potato mixture.

In a big bowl add boiled & mashed potatoes. Add 1 tbsp chopped onion ,some chopped green chillies , red chilly powder & little black pepper powder & chopped coriander & salt .

Mix well .. Now our potato stuffing is ready !!

In a separate bowl add some fresh yogurt,finely chopped onion, bell pepper,green chilies& grated carrot . Add some salt, black peeper and coriander leaves( I used dried one)mix all together with the help of spoon .
Now we will assemble our sandwiches!!
Take first bread apply some butter, green chutney &spread some potato mixture on top of bread slice .
Take second bread apply some tomato chilly sauce and some yogurt dip and place it on the first one ( upper direction ) .

Take third bread apply some green chutney and cheese slice.

Take fourth bread again repeat with yogurt dip.

Take fifth bread again repeat with potato mixture.

Now your five layer sandwich ready to roast . 

( as I mentioned above .. My bread was very thin .. That’s why I used 5 layer …it’s depends on your griller size & bread quality .. If you are going to use thick bread ..You can make 3 layer) 

Apply some butter on sandwiches ( both side) before putting into sandwich maker or Griller .

Your crispy , crunchy & cheesy sandwich is ready to serve. 
Serve hot with ketchup 🙂

All Done 


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