Independence Day Special !!It is a day of great significance for all Indians.

We all love our Tricolor ,why not brings those colors in our sandwich.

It’s quite easy & tasty .

I am sure …you will love it !!

Highlight :-
Easy peasy 

Ready under 10 minutes 

Super yummy 

Beautiful looking 



Tricolor Sandwich recipe:-

Ingredients :-
6 bread slices

Herb butter/ normal butter
For The Orange Layer

1/2 cup grated carrot

2 tbsp mayonnaise

Pinch of salt 

For White Layer 
Mayonnaise (it optional )

You can use normal white bread for this layer .

For The Green Layer

mint chutney

Method :-
Spread butter on all the bread slices.

For green layer we have mint chutney & for white layer we have mayonnaise or normal white bread.

Now for orange in a bowl add grated grated, add mayonnaise & some salt. Mix well ..!

Now we will assemble our sandwich!
Firstly take bread & apply mint chutney on top of bread slice .

Then put white bread with or without mayonnaise .

Place another bread & apply orange spread on it .

Place another bread slice & apply butter , both the side !!

Now you can grill it in griller or toaster !!

Then cut into pieces & now your grilled Tricolor sandwich is ready with crunch !!

 You can have this sandwich without grill or toast !!

Cut in to pieces & enjoy soft sandwich !!

All done !

Enjoy !!


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