This is awesome dessert. You can have this chilled or warm !!Even after heavy main course.. I am sure you would love to have this . 

This is the best for Fasting !!

My Mumma makes often … This is the power pack dessert & very soothing to your taste buds .

Highlight :-

Easy peasy 

Power booster 

Creamy & Rich in taste 

Beautiful looking 



Dry Fruit Kheer recipe 

Ingredients :-

1 cup dry fruits paste ( I used raisins,lotus seeds(makhana)Cashew, almonds, pistachios) you can add any dryfruit of your choice !!

2 cups milk

1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

1tablespoons ghee

Sugar ( taste .. My was mild in taste)

Some dry fruits for garnishing 

Method :-
Firstly we will make Dry fruit paste!

There are many ways ..generally I soak all dry fruits which you are going to add….in milk for 20-25 min then grind in blender or FP .

Now Heat a pan add ghee then Add dry fruit paste and fry it until it turns pink.
Then add milk & bring it to boil .
while stirring continuously Allow the mixture to boil for 15 minutes on low flame & when you see the right little thick consistency. 

Add sugar according to your taste.

Stir & turn off the heat then add cardamom powder 😊

Garnish with dry fruits.

You can serve this Chilled or Warm!!

All done !!

Enjoy ! 


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