This is awesome Drink to beat the heat . If you are craving for something creamy & rich in taste .. Then it’s perfect for your taste buds!

Highlight :


Rich in taste 

Super yummy 

Ready under 10 minutes 

Easy peasy 

Soul satisfying 

Gorgeous looking 


StarBucks style Vanilla Frappuccino Recipe :-

Ingredients :-

1cup chilled Milk

Honey / Sugar to taste 

1sachet Expresso coffee powder /instant coffee powder /any coffee powder
2tbsp Vanilla Bean powder / pure Vanilla paste 
Handful Ice cubes

Whipped cream for garnishing 

Chocolate syrup or sauce for Garnishing 

Method :-
Firstly in a mug add your coffee powder with some water .Stir until dissolve completely …Then put this mug in fridge & if you want quick .. So keep in freezer for some time !

We want chilled coffee mixture ..

Then in blender add chilled coffee liquid , milk , sugar or honey & vanilla powder!!

Add lots of crushed ice!

Blend it for 10-20 sec !!

Then pour in Tall Glass .. & topped with whipped cream & garnish with chocolate sauce.(it’s optional)

All done !

Enjoy !!


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